Схема blaupunkt rds 24 volvo

Sources of traffic information typically include police, traffic control centers, camera systems, traffic speed detectors, floating car data, winter driving reports and roadwork reports. Retrieved 15 June 2014. ^ Proposal for a Council Regulation (EEC) on a Community programme in the field of information technology and telecommunications applied to road transport — Drive (Dedicated road infrastructure for vehicle safety in Europe). COM(87) 351 final. ^ Castle Rock Consultants. Recently, Summer Blast[54] radio was included in the TMC providing coverage for Portugal. Traffic Message Channel, TMC) — технология, которая используется для передачи информации о дорожных пробках и неблагоприятных дорожных условиях.

Последний снабжает пользователя сведениями о дорожном трафике и ценах на бензин в каждой заправке, мимо которой он проезжает. The public service is an open, free service that can be received by public radio stations. They cover the European, national and major county highways. Traffic alerts appear in the traffic bar on the right side of the screen.

Swedish Transport Administration, or Trafikverket,[62] is responsible for the location tables. The service is encrypted, based on specifications set by the TISA. The service is available on the majority of navigation units sold in new cars, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Opel, Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedez-Benz, Subaru, Suzuki and Skoda, as well as portable navigation devices from Garmin. Обе службы разрабатывают собственные таблицы с кодами местоположений.

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