Схема дроида r2d2

схема дроида r2d2
Unknown to Chopper and the other crew, C-3PO had contacted the Imperial authorities telling them that he and his astromech counterpart had been kidnapped by a group of «criminals» in Garel. David Filoni, who directs the animated TV series The Clone Wars, introduced her as QT-KT, a droid owned by Jedi Master Aayla Secura: a character who appears in the prequel films. After coming under attack from the bounty hunter Embo, Skywalker and Amidala were forced to work with Clovis to escape.

После R2 вместе с ними отправился на Дагоба, а потом на станцию Иксис, где они нанесли поражение Орлоку. However, Senator Amidala learnt about Palpatine’s plan an arranged a meeting with Skywalker and Kenobi. As a result, R2-D2 got to meet his protocol counterpart C-3PO again briefly. Artoo then help locate his old friend C-3PO, who had arrived with Amidala but gotten lost aboard the massive warship. После битвы за Набу R2 вместе с Оби-Ваном Кеноби, королевой Амидалой и Джар-Джар Бинксом участвовал в колонизации гунганами набуанской луны Ома-Д’ун.

Далее до прибытия на Калабру наши герои пережили множество приключений с Неком Питарризе и его семьей, Олагом Гриком и Джейс Форно. R2 и C-3PO после этого отправились на Нар Шаддаа в сопровождении полицейского дроида Зеда, где Джейс Форно отстрелила 3ПО левую ногу. Retrieved December 18, 2016. ^ McMilian, Graeme (April 25, 2014). «Lucasfilm Unveils New Plans for Star Wars Expanded Universe». The Hollywood Reporter. While Artoo Detoo was tasked with interfacing with the equipment, C-3PO served as a translator for the Clone Commander Wolffe. Вот некоторые из них: Смотрите также Править На других языках. While Luke cleans the sand out of R2-D2’s gears, he discovers a fragment of Leia’s message, and removes the droid’s restraining bolt to see more; once free of the bolt, R2 claims to have no knowledge of the message.

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