Контактор модуль км 48-09 схема

контактор модуль км 48-09 схема
The yellow LED blinks during transmission with the CCN (Carrier Comfort Network). The green LED blinks during transmission with the expansion board. Данный комплект предназначен для работы с микро мотор-редукторами фирмы Pololu (в комплект не входят и приобретаются отдельно). 66-73-35 под заказ 2 466,50 руб. | от 1 шт. — руб. | от 0 шт. — руб. | от 0 шт. See Fig. 24. See Fig. 36 for economizer details. 3. Mount the outdoor air enthalpy sensor inside the right economizer hood on the right side panel of the hood, adjacent to the outdoor-air thermistor. 4. Locate the red, violet, and brown wires near the outdoor air thermistor.

Use strain relief going into control box through 21⁄2-in. diameter hole provided. Fig. 40B — MotormasterT III Sensor Location (Sizes 038 and 044) NOTE: The VFD will always provide the proper phase sequence to the indoor-fan motor. Protective Devices COMPRESSOR PROTECTION Overcurrent — Each compressor has one manual reset, calibrated trip, magnetic circuit breaker. Do not bypass connections or increase the size of the circuit breaker to correct trouble. For a negativepressure building, route the high tap to atmosphere and the low tap to building air. When installing units, provide a disconnect per NEC (National Electrical Code) of adequate size (MOCP [maximum overcurrent protection] of unit is on the informative plate). All field wiring must comply with NEC and all local codes. Locate filter removal tool, which is shipped next to the return air dampers.

There will not be a resistor on a factory-supplied module, but a resistor may be present on a replacement module and must be removed. The outdoorair damper will then open to its full open position and stay at that position for a short period of time. Reassemble using new cerafelt high-temperature insulation for sealing. COMBUSTION-AIR BLOWER — Clean periodically to assure proper airflow and heating efficiency.

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