Схема проводки вольво vnl 660

схема проводки вольво vnl 660
Adding extra shots of dye not only won’t help, but because dye changes the viscosity of the oil, excessive use can adversely affect compressor life. A/C Recharge Tips. Пропадает питание в кабине на перечисленные приборы, где пропадает нужно искать, обратитесь к автоэлектрику. Ziptie must be cut, wires pushed out of the way, then (working blind) the screw can be removed with an extension and u-joint.

Next remove the right side kick panel over the fuel ecu, then remove the 2 screws holding the ecu and remove the ecu. next remove the 3 screws holding the ECU bracket, and remove the bracket. But plan on a new core soon. [Editor] Note that air conditioned cars do not have hoses or a water valve inside the passenger compartment. All this stuff is integral with the CCU control panel in the dash. Any suggestions? [Response: Abe Crombie] The solar sensor is not going to cause anything to fail to function on that system. It only makes the system go slightly colder when it’s sunny. It sends no signal anytime it’s dark outside. Middle bolt is usually hidden behind the rubber weather strip. Variable Orifice Valve Addition [Lee Fox] I wish I had heard about the variable orifice valve tubes before I converted. It sounds like a good idea.

You can find out about them at This is also a great site to learn all about automotive air conditioning. The choices are:ON/OFF — Most ECM controlled fans are classified as ON/OFF fans. many of these fans have a clutch that is air actuated. Dont forget the cooling pipe when re-installing. My fan motor now runs silently and well. Symptoms included irregular compressor operation. In addition, the solenoid valve controller, mounted under the dash in the passenger footwell just after the evaporator, can also have these cracks. The Airsept kit with «Compressor Guard» screens to keep debris in the system from getting into your new compressor costs $67 from . That was the one mentioned by two posters: out of sight in the right rear, as mentioned above. [Tip] The evaporator, once disconnected from the a/c tubes on the engine side of the firewall, came out easily enough, but the new one was as stubborn as a mule.

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